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I came to Legion 3 years ago overweight, unfit and unhealthy. 3 years on I've lost 20kg and am in the best shape of my life. I can’t thank Cem and the Coaches enough for literally changing my life. Our gym isn’t just the best facility to train at, it’s a place we call home.



The BEST coaches and EPIC programming!! Legion has an amazing atmosphere, and the Legion family is like no other! Heaps of class times to choose from, making it accessible no matter what your schedule.
Such an amazing team of like minded individuals. Highly recommend for anyone looking to challenge themselves and see what they're really capable of!



An awesome gym with knowledgeable coaches who are willing to spend time and energy into helping each of its members to improve and learn. I feel lucky to be part of the Legion community and look forward to continue to get strong and fit alongside the other members!



I walked into Legion, a mother of two and in my mid 40’s. I was curious about CrossFit and wanted to get fitter. It was that simple. What I didn’t know was that single step was to change my life in so many ways I could never have known. Legion has become my second home, I am surrounded by the most supportive and kindest people, a place where there is no judgement, no unwanted looks, no undesirable comments. Just a lot of sweat, big smiles and fist pumps. To be lucky enough to be able to train, to want to be better, in fitness and as a human being. Legion is that place. I have never been so fit, so happy. The coaching is so superior, it is like having a PT session, but in a class. I am so grateful to discover Legion and will always have personal goals to strive for...surrounded by my Legion family.



Leigon members share a great attitude and are always looking out for one another, inside and outside of the gym. The coaches make each individual feel welcomed and are always ready to help no matter what level of experience you may have, this is why I enjoy each and every training session. At Legion we are a team. 



From the moment I walked into Legion more than 6 years ago I knew this was the gym for me. I love being surrounded by such hard working, humble and friendly people who I consider family.
The coaches really know their stuff and take the time to ensure we are moving correctly and efficiently.
I really enjoy the programming, it’s always challenging me to push myself physically and mentally to where I never thought I could go.

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